Strengthen Your Roots with FIG CONTINUING EDUCATION!

FIG instructors have over 50+ years’ experience combined in the fields of nursing, medicine, healthcare, and business – as well as specialty practices in Life Care Planning, Nurse Life Care Planning, Physician Life Care Planning, Medical Cost Projection, Medicare Set-Aside, and Catastrophic Case Management.  We have been in business for decades with proven methods of success.  We’ve channeled this experience and words of wisdom into our Continuing Education classes. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned professional in these fields, FIG Continuing Education classes will strengthen your roots in the industry.

FIG Continuing Education classes are designed as a ‘grab & go’ learning curve – sit down on an afternoon or weekend to absorb more knowledge and CEUs.  Learn on your own schedule with a 5-hour self-paced, independent study through our Online Classroom.  The class includes recorded presentations, reading assignments, and homework.  The homework consists of multiple-choice questions and essay questions.  

Nurse Life Care Planning Continuing Education Classes

1. NLCP – Nursing Process Foundation
2. NLCP – Life Care Planning Certification & Standards
3. NLCP – Nurse Life Care Planning Process
4. NLCP – Spinal Cord Injury
5. NLCP – Traumatic Brain Injury
6. NLCP – Amputation
7. NLCP – Burns
8. NLCP – Chronic Pain
9. NLCP – Pediatrics
10. NLCP – Cerebral Palsy
11. NLCP – Aging
12. NLCP – Referral, Records Review, & Medical Chronology
13. NLCP – Life Care Plan Assessment & Nursing Diagnosis
14. NLCP – Collaboration
15. NLCP – Medical Research
16. NLCP – Recommendations
17. NLCP – Coding & Costing
18. NLCP – Costing Research
19. NLCP – Goals of LCP & Report Writing
20. NLCP – Catastrophic Case Management & Vocational Rehabilitation
21. NLCP – Anatomy of Law Suit
22. NLCP – Qualify as an Expert Witness
23. NLCP – Prepare as an Expert Witness
24. NLCP – Testify as an Expert Witness

FIG Continuing Education classes are acknowledged by the CNLCP® Certification Board as meeting the educational requirements for renewal of the CNLCP® certification.

FIG Continuing Education classes are pre-approved and meet the International Commission on Health Care Certification’s (ICHCC) educational requirements for renewal of the CLCP certification. 

FIG Continuing Education classes are also pre-approved by the California Board of Nursing for nursing contact hours toward the renewal of the RN licensure.  CEUs can also be applied toward other certification renewals.

FIG can also customize Continuing Education classes (live virtual or onsite) for employers, peer groups, and associations/organizations.  Please contact FIG to discuss how we can strengthen your roots through our Continuing Education classes.

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